Axe Murderers and Mad Men

Okay, I was just going to put up a quick post to remind you that I’m going to be speaking on a panel with Michael Saltzman and Jason Grote, two insanely talented Mad Men writers — completely unlike all those other hacks on the show — at 8pm, Friday, May 17 at Writing Pad’s faboo downtown LA location (admission only five dollars, and that gets you access to Marilyn’s incredible snack and drink table) when I was browsing her calendar of classes and stumbled across this. “Development Bootcamp: Ten Page Workout” taught by Robbie Fox, writer of So I Married an Axe Murderer… and thus undoubtedly a man who hated Mike Myers before hating Mike Myers was cool. (He’s also written for Mickey Mouse — imagine the stories he can tell about that little rat!)

It sounds like a great, hands-on class — a workshop focused entirely on your first ten pages. (Or as I like to think of them, five pages more than any executive will read unless Mila Kunis is attached.) It’s a little more than the five dollars it’ll cost to see me asking for Don Draper’s autograph, but well worth it. You’ve got to move fast though. The class is next Monday, May 6, and I believe they need your ten pages in advance…

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