Lee Goldberg Hates Me — But Loves Writing the Pilot

William Rabkin has a new screenwriting book out on the Kindle — Writing The Pilot — and I hate him for it.

I hate him because I only meant to browse the book the other day…but I ended up getting sucked in by his engaging, smart, and entertaining voice and spent all !@#$% night reading it.

I hate him because it would be the perfect update for our long-in-print screenwriting book Successful Television Writing.…and now it won’t be, the greedy bastard.

And I hate him because I actually learned some things about a subject I thought I knew at least as well as Bill, my best & oldest friend and my long time writing partner…

You can read all the hate at http://leegoldberg.typepad.com/a_writers_life/2011/07/i-hate-william-rabkin.html

Matt Witten loves Writing the Pilot

The first review of my new book Writing the Pilot is up, and it comes from fabulously talented TV writer/producer Matt Witten (House, The Glades, Women’s Murder Club — and just about every good show out there):

I’ve written two pilots for networks, and two pilots on spec, and I found Bill Rabkin’s book to be dead on. Not only that, it taught me things I’d never thought of, or was never able to articulate. It’s a fun read, with lots of real-life Hollywood stories. And speaking of fun, that was my favorite chapter in the book: where Rabkin talks about never getting so wrapped up in the structure and plot that you forget about keeping the script fun from beginning to end.