Me and Mad Men!

Well, maybe it’s not as exciting as it seems… I haven’t taken over the show from Matthew Weiner or anything… but I will be speaking on a great panel with two hot writers from the best drama on television.*

The panel is called “Major Drama: Writing Dramatic TV for the Big Leagues,” and I’ll be speaking alongside Michael Saltzman, who’s worked on Mad Men AND Murphy Brown… and a bunch of other shows, too… and playwright Jason Grote who moved into TV with Smash and then Mad Men.

And since the panel comes courtesy of my good friends at WritingPad, I can guarantee a great evening… complete with snacks and suspiciously colored beverages! All this for only five dollars.

For more information, or to sign up, just go here:

Oh, and I’m going to be doing something really exciting with WritingPad…. but let’s save that for it’s own post!

*Best drama that doesn’t include a Time Lord, that is…

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