The Huffington Post Loves Writing the Pilot!

At least their blogger Jen Grisanti does. She’s got a terrific post today called Adding Character to Your Story, and in talking about The Shield‘s Vic Mackey she references a certain Amazon best-seller about pilot writing:


In Writing the Pilot, William Rabkin writes, “The most important thing about Vic Mackey was that he believed he was a good guy. Sure, he made deals with criminals but that was to keep worse criminals off the street. As for killing the other cop, that was required for his own self-defense, but even then he knew it was wrong and it tortured him for the entire run of the series.” Rabkin goes on “… Vic Mackey acted like a bad guy in order to be a good guy. And that was the theme as well: How much evil can you do in the pursuit of noble goals before you stop being one of the good guys?” Rabkin says that the heart of what defines a character is his goal and the choices that he makes in trying to obtain it. This book is excellent. It really is a brilliant discussion on what works on certain shows and why it works well as opposed to what didn’t work and why it didn’t work.

The whole post is worth reading — but I know what my favorite parts were!

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