Another Fun Thing To Do When You Buy Writing the Pilot at Amazon

Whether you’re going for the Kindle edition or the spiffy new paperback, when you stop by Amazon to pick up Writing the Pilot, you can now download a free Kindle version of the pilot script for ABC’s new drama series Revenge.

It’s a great — and rare — opportunity to see the pilot script before you watch the actual show. (There’s a link at the back of the script you can follow to see the filmed pilot, as well.)

The script itself is a modern day version of The Count of Monte Cristo combined with The Real Housewives of The Hamptons. Which is actually a lot better than that sounds. My own feeling reading it was that it would make for a great ten episodes or so, and I’d have absolutely no idea how to keep the series going after that. But I assume ABC asked — and received answers — to that kind of question.

Of course, it is the same network that thought they could get multiple seasons out of Life on Mars and Flash Forward

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