Aimee and David Thurlo love Writing the Pilot

When you adapt another writer’s work, you never know how they’re going to feel about the final result. And when Lee Goldberg and I turned Aimee and David Thurlo’s Ella Clah into a pilot for CBS, we were really nervous about what they’d think of the changes we had to make to change a series of novels into a TV series.  It’s something we didn’t really talk too much about at the time, but that gets a lot of space in the book, as I go through all the steps that went into creating that specific pilot.

That’s one reason I was so pleased at their reaction to Writing the Pilot:

The book really gets down to the nitty gritty, and we really love the details and clear thought processes involved in creating a solid, workable pilot script – with legs for a long term series. Your real world examples make the point time after time.
Especially interesting to us was how you and Lee made such a solid, workable transition from the Ella books and characters into a whole different medium for storytelling, yet kept the spirit and essence of what we’d created. As the Navajos say, everything IS connected.
Ella Clah has long been one of my favorite scripts. I’m delighted that Ella’s creators approve.

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